School Dress Codes

Bernice Herrera, Reporter

Everyday I go to school and and walk down the halls to my normal classes. Along the way I see girls in bright red warm-ups or red sweatshirts that say “Dress for Success.” When anyone sees those bright red clothing materials, they can automatically assume they got dress coded.

Not only is being called to the office to change embarrassing, but you have to walk around all day with the “punishment” clothing. In my opinion the dress code is over the top.

I live in Texas, where there is different weather every day. So if it was extremely hot on a school day, students have to abide by the dress code and try and stay cool and not sweat in their normal school-appropriate clothing.

We go to school eight hours a day and we can’t come to school in comfortable clothing. First off if you’re making me wake up at 6 a.m., five days a week, I should be able to wear what I want and what I find comfortable.

One thing that aggravates me about the school dress code is saying that my clothing is “too distracting.” How is showing my shoulders or my knees distracting to anyone? Everyone has them. My point here is that what I wear should not be distracting anyone, everyone comes to school to learn and nothing more.

Along with saying that my clothing is distracting, it teaches girls to be ashamed of their body and to cover it up. As a girl going through high school I don’t need anyone to shame me on my body and what I’m wearing.

The most important issue here is you’re teaching young girls and boys that their education doesn’t matter as much as what they are wearing or saying that they are a distraction to others because of their clothing choices.

Yes, I am strongly against school dress codes because I’d like to come to school and focus on my education and future rather than waste time worrying about getting dress coded.