The Beaten Path

Emma Bittner, Reporter

As Robert Frost once said, there are “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,” though the real question is which road to take. Going through life everyone picks the path they want to take, though the path determines the ending destination. This road yields how their life will play out in the future. Each person decides if they are going to follow society’s cookie cutter pathway or if they are going to branch off and be their own person.

Society forces its opinion down everyone’s throat. It’s plastered on every street corner of how people need to look, how they need to act, what’s acceptable and what’s not. No one has the opportunity to be his own person because before he has the choice, without knowing, he has already fallen onto society’s monolithic path. For instance, girls gaze at magazines filled with pictures of models and unrealistic body types. From then on it is drilled into their head that it is necessary to look this way and anything other than this is not acceptable, influencing them to take society’s path.

Each person decides if they are going to follow society’s cookie cutter pathway or if they are going to branch off and be their own person.

— Emma Bittner

Everyone is traveling in the “yellow woods” known as life, where the goal is to be happy, though as the road is chosen the perception of happiness is distorted. When pushed down the slippery slope known as society’s path it seems that one can only achieve happiness by looking a certain way, by achieving the cut-out or paper doll form, where everyone looks the same. Once one starts on society’s path it is incredibly difficult to veer off onto another path, it’s a distorted view of reality. Though when one chooses to go on their own path their happiness is decided by how they want their life, not by if they fit the cut-out form or not. Branching off and taking the road “less traveled” will only help guide one in the right direction as well as withstand the temptation of society lurking around the corner.

Further down the road detours begin to pop-up, as people are struggling along society has detours to lightly tap them in the “accepted” and “preferred” direction. It’s easy to fall into the temptation of fitting in, that is what the concept of society is, trying to fit in. Many girls, as they reach the high school age category, face the discrimination of body types. The “ideal” body type is to be thin, to have the scale praise them when they step on, having their weight be as low as their self esteem.  Now people don’t want to have curves, unlike in the past when curves were something that everyone classified as beautiful. It’s easy for girls to fall into the whirlpool, the detour, of thinking that they must look a certain way, where they take their first steps on society’s road. This is when their destination changes, it’s where their pit stops and their transportation all changes. They are now on a road with no return, its a straight shot to the finish and it’s the race to look a certain way.

Following society’s path in the “yellow woods” soon turns the woods to shades of grey and blue, because everything is in uniform and depressing. Throughout the epic journey of finding their way and “being a traveler” everyone has their struggles. Some may fall into temptation and soon find themselves amongst grey, most do in the end, most “tell (it) with a sigh” for they could have prevented this. Though I advise you to avoid society’s road, take  “the one less traveled” because it will make “all the difference” in the end. So, which road should be taken, it should be the one where everyone is their own person and they don’t have to try and squeeze into the cookie cutter form. It should be the road where the “yellow woods” remain yellow and glow with success and being happy, it should be the road where nothing is distorted, where society’s opinion isn’t  plastered on every corner. Take the road “less traveled” and pave the path towards your destination, your future.