Censorship and Getting Upset

Let’s Agree to Disagree

Connor Reddington, Reporter

The same people trying to prevent censorship are now trying to censor the world around them.

Take, for example, the anti-Trump movement. Regardless of personal beliefs and political affiliation, what has been happening to Trump is borderline intolerant. Any mention or support of Trump instantly incites criticism, whether of the Donald himself or of the people supporting him.  While many people disagree with his platform, and while that is an acceptable thing to do, it can easily be seen that never before has a presidential candidate been put under so much scrutiny or hatred from such an adamant group.

On a more serious note, everyone has a very strong opinion most political topics. These are issues that have had profound impacts on a significant amount of people’s lives, and no amount of discussion, debate, bickering, arguing, or full-on fist-fighting will change your opinion on any of these topics.

Unless you agree with the person you’re talking to, it’s best just to leave these areas alone, because not many people will be able to agree to disagree.