Interracial Dating in a Racialized Country

Interracial dating has been on a steady rise. It has been 49 years since African Americans and Whites have been able to legally marry. After interracial dating laws were passed, interracial couples were still harassed. There is no reason why anyone should stop an individual from dating the man or woman of their dreams.

I’ve always get asked the question:

“Why are you always talking about dating white girls?”

I began to think:

“It doesn’t matter the color of skin; all that matters is that the person has a great heart.”

Based on racial inequality that occurred years ago, stereotypes have been placed on many cultures and races. Our society likes to promote colorblindness as a solution for racism. In interracial relationships, it’s about the person and whatever your heart desires. Race does not matter!

Centennial’s Head JV Coach, Justin Merchant mentions in a text message that interracial couples are not weird.

“If someone was to ask me if I thought interracial couples were weird, I would tell them no,” Merchant said. “I think that skin color should not be a factor in determining whether two people should be together.”

Merchant continues with the requirements to a successful relationship.

“What matters is the characters of the two people,” Merchant said. “If both are committed to one another and love spending time with each other, then why should the color of skin matter.”

Merchant ends with final thoughts on interracial relationships.

“I do think interracial relationships can and do work,” Merchant said. “The main thing the two people need to have is a relationship with God…”

Interracial relationships can work in spite of racism that occurs in our society.  Always do what your heart desires and always remember that the color of skin does not matter.