Storytelling in Video Games

Moises Ruelas

With many new movies being released such as Ready Player One and Isle of Dogs people are very anxious for new stories to be told and keep them hooked, but most people forget that video games can be an excellent platform for magnificent storytelling without having to worry about gameplay.

Va-11 Hall-a is an excellent example of how storytelling in video games can be effective, even if you don’t play video games. The game is set in a dystopian future where you follow a character that works as a bartender, where you get to meet a large cast of original and different characters. As you get to learn more about each character you begin to understand to not judge a book by its cover.

Va-11 Hall-a is a video game, so there are certain mechanism available that aren’t available in movies. Because your character works at a bar, you have the option to give the people you are serving more alcohol which, in turn, will make them more intoxicated and will cause them to tell you deep secrets of their lives, choosing your own path is something that has never been available in movies, and is what make video games shine in storytelling, letting you choose your path and letting you feel as if you are the character.

Movies are a great place to receive a great story but sometimes video games can be more interesting, an alternative.