Bubbly for Bubble Tea

The milk teas from Vivi Bubble Tea, Kung Fu Tea, and Potstickers side by side.

If you haven’t heard, the infamous bubble tea is taking the drink world by storm. The originally Taiwanese drink that came about in the late 1900’s, is virtually available all throughout the world. These teas are popular’ especially here in Frisco, TX. With an abundance of restaurants to choose from, where should you purchase your first bubble tea from?

First, we visited Potstickers, an authentic Chinese restaurant that has been in Frisco for the past five years. With it being authentic, it does not have various locations. They offer anything from dumplings to boba tea, and the cozy atmosphere allows people to enjoy a relaxed meal.

The mango passionfruit green tea-based drink was a bit bitter but overall refreshing. There was a clear passion fruit flavor and just a hint of mango, but the tapioca itself was too chewy and didn’t really have a flavor at all. We gave the mango passion fruit tea a 6/10.

On the other hand, the classic milk tea was impressive. It was incredibly smooth and sweet. While the tapioca was still very chewy, the milk tea was so good that we actually didn’t mind it. We gave it a score of 7.5/10.

Next, we tried Vivi Bubble Tea, a great new boba tea place in town. It started in New York but now is nationwide. Texas has two locations. When walking in you can definitely feel a fun and relaxed atmosphere. The restaurant also had a sort of authentic feel, with the menu having Mandarin characters and the Taiwanese-inspired food.

The milk tea with boba had a great flavor. It wasn’t too bitter or sweet and had a hint of nuttyness which really brought the tea together. The boba complemented it well; they were small and not too overwhelming. They were maybe a little too chewy and would stick to your teeth, but we gave the milk tea a 9/10.

The fruit tea was not as good. The taste had a bitter yet fruity flavor that didn’t go together, but wasn’t too sweet. We give the fruit tea a 5/10. Overall, it was good and definitely worth trying.  

Kung Fu Tea, opened in 2010, has headquarters in New York City and various locations nationwide. They have a variety of drinks, from milk teas to slushies.

The boba at Kung Fu Tea is delicious and not stringy at all. While not mixing drink flavors like other restaurants do, (we intended to try mango-passion fruit, but we had to settle for only passion fruit) the flavor was amazing. We scored it a 9/10.

The passion fruit tea was not overbearing at all, but there was an aftertaste. However, the aftertaste was enjoyable. Although it was one of those drinks that aren’t good without boba, it had a very savory taste; it wasn’t too sweet.

Moreover, the milk tea was too sweet. It had a nutty taste and was very filling, and reminded us of coffee. Other than the sweetness, it was great. We scored it a 7/10.

Based on the rankings, Kung Fu Tea has the best boba tea in Frisco, but there’s still whole world of bubble tea to be explored. It’s only getting bigger and even more popular.