How Old Is Too Old For Halloween?

October 8, 2019—Halloween is one of the most popular American holidays. I mean, which five-year-old doesn’t love dressing up and getting free candy? The problem with Halloween arises when that five-year-old starts to grow up and then the question arises, “Am I too old for this?”


When asked, 44% of high school students responded with statements to the lines of, “It’s never too old to dress up for Halloween.” Other students provided ages ranging from 12 through 18 as the age to stop dressing up. One sophomore, however, claimed that, “there’s no limit, but people stop caring part way through middle school.”


Obviously, we live in a society. So at some point, it becomes weird to be in your mid-twenties roaming the streets begging for free food, but dressing up is a different point. 


“It’s a celebration of youth,” says senior Alexis Ludeman, “but at some point, it becomes weird.”


Senior Jakob Carlson disagrees. “Dressing up should be for everyone,” he says. 


What do you think? How old is too old to dress up and go out for Halloween?