Following the Tradition V.S. Chasing Your Dreams

A lot of young adults feel obligated to follow family customs. They feel required to continue the tradition and bring prestige to their family by attending their family’s alma mater or even pursuing a common family profession. Later in life, a time will come when one arrives home from work and realizes not chasing their dreams was their biggest mistake, and that they’re stuck in a career they truly dislike.

Another reason following traditions can hold such value in somebody’s life are the external motivations and rewards the task provides. People find motivation in doing things they don’t enjoy for materialistic gains, such as wealth and fame. They undermine the value of non-materialistic success, such as happiness.

What is the difference between external and internal motivation factors? External motivation can include outsiders providing an individual with rewards, such as societal acceptance and financial stability. This is also why people prefer following the norms, since it has proven to be beneficial in the past ― and due to the pleasure associated with recognition and fame. Internal motivation is specific to one’s own personal method of rewarding themselves, such as doing things that make them happy, which is just one reason a person should pursue their dreams.

Nobody should be afraid or discouraged to go after something they’re passionate about. As long as it gives them peace of mind, and brings joy and light into their lives, bending the norms should not be considered taboo. In fact, it should be encouraged, as more people would feel confident enough to believe in themselves and everything they stand for, portraying each person as a unique yet contributing member of society.

Going to an ideal 9-5 job can be financially rewarding, but if one is not satisfied with what this type of job brings to their life, they’ll be stuck in a state of mind they won’t want to be in. Following your passions can be more rewarding rather than devoting your entire life to something you don’t enjoy and having to face the repercussions that it brings along.