The importance of taking notes and tips and tricks


Hailey Bell, Cen10 News Reporter

Often people take notes and then never look at them again. This is because there is no motivation to look at the notes even though they provide us with information crucial to the subject they’re learning about. Sometimes even when they do actually go back and look at their notes they don’t retain much. Students don’t take notes for learning, they take notes for looking. It looks like they’ve done work just by taking notes, but what does doing all that work accomplish if they’re not learning anything from it?

One of my fellow classmates claims she has “never been taught how to take notes” and that she “never takes notes” because of that. I couldn’t imagine not ever taking notes because notes can save a grade just by being accessible in case they become required to review something. Due to this discovery, I had to investigate how many other students feel this way.

I made a survey including three questions, How often does one take notes, how often do they look at their notes, and if they actually learn anything from their notes. The results were varied. While about 66 percent of the 32 students that took the survey say they take notes after every class, 40 percent of those students claim they don’t learn anything from their notes. 

According to the survey, due to inadequate note taking close to half of students don’t retain anything while studying their notes. Learning how to take notes could possibly increase grades and help in the future so there’s no reason not to take them.

However, while some claim taking notes isn’t for everyone, having notes to look back on never hurts. But, in order for notes to be beneficial to you, they must be taken in a way you understand.


Tips and tricks!


Ask questions. If there is something you are struggling with, write down any questions you have regarding that and answer them as you learn more about the topic.


Focus on the unit and not the subject. Trying to write notes over an entire subject can be stressful. Instead, condense it to what you are learning about currently.


Write in pencil first, later go back and decorate it to make it look appealing. Scribbling anything out will make your notes look messy and less likely to make you want to look at them.