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The student news site of Centennial High School - Frisco, Texas

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The student news site of Centennial High School - Frisco, Texas

Cen10 News

The Sound of Excellence: Exploring Centennial’s Vibe

Mr. Larcocca
The eight students that are currently in Vibe.

FRISCO, TEXAS – There are many fine arts in Centennial. From orchestra to the drill team, students can choose how they want to spend the four years they have in high school. Some students with an interest in singing, if so you may want to join the choir. There are several concerts and rehearsals to attend with different events in between. Although choir is a great opportunity, there is another more advanced choir elective.


Vibe is considered the top choir of Centennial, currently housing eight students of exceptional musical talent. All of these students double block choir and are in both Vibe and A Cappella, which is a girls-only choir. 


While choirs do traditionally classical songs, Vibe has the chance to do jazz and pop songs. Anyone can join, there are only two requirements; you must have taken one year of Bella Voce and passed the audition for it. 


Junior Cynthia Harris speaks about why she decided to join Vibe.


“I love pop singing, and in Vibe it’s super experimental and we get to experiment a lot,” she says “and I love doing more than choral singing.”


Being in Vibe has its perks. They get to do more than just perform at concerts. During the school year, Vibe students will have the opportunity to perform around the school and in the Frisco community. 

Vibe is led by Mr. Larocca, the choir director of all the choirs, and Vibe sings for major school events. For example, at the homecoming game this year, the Vibe students sang the national anthem for the Centennial High School vs. Heritage High School football game. 


“Vibe has a fun, casual, hardworking energy. It’s a mixture of group work, solo work, collaboration, and learning how to be a great group.” Larocca says. 


Vibe is a great opportunity for students but it does require a lot from these students. All students must double block choir if they’re interested in Vibe. With this, they get to go to choir every day of the school week. They even have to learn A Cappella’s music, as well as the very different pop songs they do in Vibe. 


Needless to say, all the students of Vibe work incredibly hard to produce beautiful music and are great leaders in their sections. They are people of amazing skills and work ethic.


If you want to see Vibe perform, make sure to attend the volleyball game on October 10th, 2023 to see Vibe singing the national anthem once again but this time for the volleyball girls.


To learn more about the Vibe and other choirs, visit the Centennial High School Titan Choir website! 


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