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The student news site of Centennial High School - Frisco, Texas

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The student news site of Centennial High School - Frisco, Texas

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Titan TV’s Hoco Glow: Lighting Up the Show

Hope Elliott
Titan TV crew after surprising Hope Elliot for being nominated for homecoming queen!

In the past few years, Titan TV, Centennial High School’s broadcast program, seemed to operate in the shadows, quietly producing content that was unnoticed by teachers and staff. Most of the morning announcements went unheard as some teachers chose to continue their morning routines instead of playing the videos, and the hard work poured into each broadcast was unappreciated by the student body. That all changed this year, thanks to a big Texas tradition. 


Despite the initial lack of recognition, Titan TV remained consistent to its goal of providing valuable and entertaining content. The team worked persistently behind closed doors and dedicated their time to make entertaining content. This year, Titan TV is no longer operating in the shadows, instead they played a pivotal role in reshaping the school’s spirit during the special occasion of homecoming. 


“People didn’t even know Titan TV existed until recently. We basically rebuilt the program from scratch. It’s been a process because it takes time to put shows together and put together something people really want to watch,” said Shaunak Date, a third year Titan TV member. 


Just recently, Titan TV released their September show in honor of homecoming. They didn’t just put together a show – they brought it to life. And it all started with the 2023 Senior HOCO court nominees. Brett Eskildsen, Kylie Cox, Caitlyn McGarry, Tyler Hartley, Hope Elliott, and Shishir Gomatham, w​​oke up to an extraordinary surprise one early morning, courtesy of the folks from Titan TV and a fun idea from Senior News Director Hope Elliott. See video above (3:36-4:58). 


Yes, if you read that slowly, you’ll notice that Hope Elliott’s name was mentioned as the creator of the surprise AND a secret HOCO nominee! So, the Centennial Media team decided they couldn’t tell her that she had been nominated without a surprise.  


“I had no idea! Mrs. Hopper put up the names of the nominees and I wasn’t on that list. So I didn’t think I had gotten nominated. The Titan TV team surprised me the day before they surprised the rest of the nominees and that’s when I found out that I had been nominated.” 


Picture the scene: the sun barely peeking over the horizon, the neighborhood calm and quiet. The Titan TV crew, along with the Sweethearts and Red Riots, armed with enthusiasm and energy, at the houses of the senior class king/queen nominees. This wasn’t just a casual announcement; it was a carefully crafted moment, infused with effort that Titan TV poured into every detail. Titan TV chose to recognize these individuals, with their surprise visits, which went above and beyond the traditional announcements. Titan TV orchestrating these early-morning surprises showed their commitment to showcasing and creating a strong sense of community within the school. Through this gesture, they didn’t just celebrate the nominees; they united the entire school. Beyond the cameras and microphones, Titan TV’s dedication is evident through their careful planning, heartfelt gestures, and the genuine shared smiles among students, faculty, and the nominees themselves. 


Titan TV also created another HOCO segment with PALS (Peer Assistance and Leadership). They led a fashion show where the PALS team transformed themselves into the themes of each day of Homecoming week. The show wasn’t just about costumes and fun; it brought together students from different backgrounds, interests, and social circles. Titan TV intentionally collaborated and engaged with different groups like PALS, Sweethearts, and numerous other programs, bringing them together to strengthen Centennial’s school spirit. See video above (1:23-3:18). 


“I really enjoy collaborating with other programs at this school. You meet so many people with different stories and ideas. We end up getting better content than we expect when we collaborate with others,” said Titan TV and Red Riot, Ava Winters. 


Typically, Titan TV promotes and highlights The Titan Times. However, during this Homecoming experience, the spotlight turns to them. As an integral part of Centennial Media, Titan TV collaborates with the newspaper. Together, they amplify the diverse stories and voices within our school, offering a multifaceted perspective. Titan TV has not only created a captivating September show but it has also reignited the homecoming spirit, making it a true homecoming for everyone.

As we reflect on the 2023 homecoming experience and the transformative role Titan TV played, we recognize their profound impact on shaping our school’s spirit. Their collaborations, surprise visits, and engaging segments breathed life into the essence of Homecoming, uniting Centennial High School. If you’d like to watch the September broadcast show, we invite you to join us in reliving these memorable moments by clicking on the link above!

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