Panic About This New Album

Death of a Bachelor is the fifth album by band Panic! At the Disco (PAtD) was released on January 15, 2016. The album is comprised of eleven songs beginning with Victorious and ending simply with Impossible Year. PAtD brings back some of their original sound and angst to mix with their new more sophisticated style. Throughout the years PAtD has reached out to fans and given them something to relate to and enjoy on a rainy afternoon.

Panic has been there for me forever. Even though I haven’t met them, their music will always be with me.”

— Katelyn Pitt, Sophomore

Each song on Death of a Bachelor tells a beautifully complex story that anyone can lear to fall in love with. Emperor’s New Clothes is one of the album’s more popular songs and its music video was released before the album.The song continues the story from This is Gospel’s video. It begins with the ending tune of This is Gospel and we see where Brendan Urie (lead singer and only original member that’s still active in the band) ended up running to.

For a few brief seconds he is free and cheerful, but then, out of nowhere he falls down a chasm and the darker, newer song begins. As the music video continues, Urie begins to transform and spins the tale of a man scorned that has returned stronger than before. Throughout the song we hear  how the man is going to rise up and reclaim his rightful place. When the song clashes to an end, the silence afterward leaves listeners feeling chilled.

Overall, the album attracts more fans and is welcomed by the fans that were already there. This album will stay in fans’ hearts and play in the minds of many for a while to come.