Standing Ovation for the Star


Emma Bittner

TItans make their grand entrance onto the field.

Emma Bittner, Co Editor-in-Chief

It’s been almost a week since  Centennial traveled to the Ford Center at the Star to kick off their 2016-2017 season, and the excitement still floats around the halls.

Facing the Frisco Raccoons, the Titans stormed the Cowboys’ practice field and prepared to dominate. Though the game ended 13-16 with the Raccoons defeating us, the thrill of being in the Ford Center is still present.

Even if you weren’t on the field playing the game, every part of Centennial was involved. Fans roared in the student section, yearbook and journalism students captured the moments on the field as well as in the crowd, administrators scattered the sidelines cheering on our team along with the cheerleaders and parents filled the stands. In addition, the band and Sweethearts’ performances exceeded expectations, as usual, and pumped up the crowd of hundreds.

It was a night that won’t be forgotten, the first game at the Ford Center as well as the first game this season.