Soccer Awards

Soccer Awards

Micah Crayton, Cen10 News Reporter

This year has been incredibly successful for both the men’s and women’s soccer teams at Centennial. Although neither got the coveted goal of state champions, the Titans still racked up numerous 1st and 2nd team All-District honors. Congratulations on this amazing and historic season!

Coach Bryan Thompson- Coach of the Year in 13-5A

Kylie Hampton- 13-5A Defensive Player of the Year

Dylan Behr- 13-5A Defensive Player of the Year


1st Team All-District Honors

Christian Spurlock, Dan Chandler, Nick Wanzer, Oliver Hamby, Jenna Bartles, Kelsey Henning, Halle Field,  Megan Shuey, Ryan Ford


2nd Team All-District Honors

Joe Nelson, Jake Harrelson, Ethan Unger, David Tevizo, Haley Russell, Celi Ramiez, Paige Horton