Centennial’s New Furniture – Functional or Futile?



Centennial HS students use the newly bought furniture in their class

CENTENNIAL HIGH SCHOOL- Arriving in the 2021-22 school year, the school district graciously provided Centennial with new furniture, a development which surely all of us have noticed. Although the unique seating certainly allows for more mobility within the classroom, some have said it’s a bit less efficient. 

The list of new appliances includes much more than a couple new chairs, though. Centennial now has many different pieces of furniture, such as:

  • Navy blue chairs
  • White tables and desks
  • High tables with wheels paired with black chairs
  • Navy blue and red & black stools
  • Wobbly red stools
  • Low grey recliner chairs
  • And a mobile podium for teachers

There is clearly a large variety of furniture given, which allows for more flexible seating around the classroom. Being able to sit anywhere lets students choose their seating based on their needs, which results in a better learning environment. Additionally, this gives students the ability to socially distance themselves from others if they wish, which is much appreciated with COVID-19 still looming over us. However, this comes with its drawbacks. Not all of the furniture gives the students easy access to their desks or tables, which results in a less efficient workspace. It’s also important to note that some students consider a few of the items uncomfortable and more difficult to move. 

This new change in our classrooms is a unique opportunity for students who feel cramped in the standard classroom setting to have a more accommodating learning environment. Despite this, not everyone enjoys the stiff nature of the furniture. Either way, the new furniture is here to stay, and will hopefully be taken advantage of by those who need and are fond of it.